Everything you need to know about gender, sexuality, and more.


First off, thank you for checking out this lil website! We hope you like what you see.

Well, hope you do. I’m just one person running this website. Me. Moi. My name’s MK. It’s nice to meet you!

I still like how proper and official using “we” sounds, so I use that instead of first-person pronouns :P.

I started this website with a vision of making accessible, well-researched informational articles on all things gender. How to know if you’re a certain gender identity, what a certain identity means, deep discourse on a pervasive issue concerning gender. My goal is to become an authoritative voice people can turn to when they’re questioning their gender or want some trustworthy information to educate themselves or other people.

It’s a work in process, but I appreciate your support. Thank you for reading this, and I hope you like All About Gender!

All the best,

– MK